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Ahhh welcome back! I might recognize you from before my activity days when I was still a lurker, actually. Which is surprising since my memory tends to be quite bad. @~@

Very happy to hear you're getting back into Pokemon again; I'm sure PC will help out a lot in that regard since there are so many fans and their love of Pokemon is contagious, haha. It certainly helped me to keep interested in the series by being here, so I'm sure you'll have that same experience! And yeah, with the announcement of X and Y, Pokemon will only keep getting more awesome, I'm sure. Wonder how long it'll take for some of us to get used to the gameplay though... after all, the graphics style is completely different (but not in a bad way). The X and Y section is always waiting for you to pop over there and share your opinions, so keep that in mind yeah!

And ahh, I was about to suggest some of the shops in Art & Design but then read that you're making your own. That's cool - show off that artistic talent and carry your awesome signature around everywhere! I'd really like to make my own sometime but lately I've had a lack of inspiration. D: On that note, your avatar is pretty cool, did you make it yourself?

Hoping you do stick around and be active from now since it's always awesome when older members return. You're always welcome back after however many years so enjoy your stay and you can drop off a message on my profile to chat whenever!

Have fun~

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