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Manga 523
This chapter was full of creepy...
The humanoid forms of the Asauchi, with little mouths instead of eyes, were bad enough.
But then Kubo had to change Unohana's appearance and demeanor too.

It feels like there are still somethings that have yet to be explained about the Ausauchi.
But those'll probably be covered in future chapters.
I wonder how Kubo will structure the next few chatpers.
Will he continue this scene split, or focus on one of the two first and then go to the other?

Ah, so that's why Unohana always wore her hair braid in front.
I think the only time were she wore her braid back was in the swimsuit episode. xD
Hmm, some foreshadowing by Kyoraku...
I hope Kubo actually shows the fight between Unohana and Zaraki.