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- Zora's Domain

The light-blue water of Zora's domain raised into the air as if something exploded in the depths as Maleko shot out of the water, gracefully landing on the soft sand that out-skirted the pool in the domain. He made his way to the back of the waterfall, straightening his pauldron and helmet as he kept an even pace, so he could relieve the active guard and start his night shift. He had just came from a pre-shift round of Lake Hylia that he had no problems with, other than the now usual crystal appearance he had to dodge. Many warnings had been given to avoid contact with them and Maleko heeded it strongly.

"You are relieved," Maleko said to the other guard as he pat him on the back.

The guard replied with nothing but an exhausted nod and made his way back to the domain, slumping in his stride.

I have never been so lifeless after a shift.. there's never even any problems. I can't help but to be curious about what was wrong with him. We don't need weak guards.. even if there is no danger. Maleko thought to himself as he pulled his polearm from its normal restraint on his back and placed the bottom tip firmly into the ground.

As the moon became apparent through the crashing mass of water in front of him, he stiffened up and prepared for the worst. His eyes tightened along with his focus and it was as if he had became a lethal, ever-watching statue, ready for anything to try to breach his home.