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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Try removing 0x500 and make it 0x0 if everything worked then maybe it's how you inserted the Mugshot Hack.

Or for starters try using the 1st Pallete in the table so it will be 0x100.

And remove those release scripts at the end of your scripts since you didn't put a lock at the opening of your script.
I tried doing these actions, and I also compiled the script into a backup of the rom, and even a fresh new rom, but I still freeze before getting into town, so it dismissed my idea that the rom was bad.
Again, here's the script, with the appropriate changes.


#dynamic 0x730420

#org @start
checkflag 0x1216
if 0x1 goto @done
showsprite 0xA
applymovement 0xA @whoops
applymovement 0xFF @what
waitmovement 0x0
msgbox @sorry 0x4
fanfare 0x100
special 0x0
trainerbattle 0x1 0x2 0x0 @battle @lose @next

#org @done

#org @next
msgbox @go 0x6
applymovement 0xA @walk
applymovement 0xFF @bye
waitmovement 0x0
hidesprite 0xA
setflag 0x1216
setvar 0x5000 0x1

#org @sorry
= Oh, sorry about that! I didn't see\nyou there!\lHey, you seem like a capable\ltrainer...\lHow about we battle? Don't worry\lI'll heal you.

#org @battle
= Now that I've healed you,\nlet's battle!

#org @lose
= Wow! You're pretty good!

#org @go
= That was a good battle!\nBy the way, my name is Brandon.\lI think you have lots of potential\las a trainer...\lWell, I have to go.\lBye!

#org @whoops
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x62
#raw 0xFE

#org @what
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x1
#raw 0xFE

#org @walk
#raw 0x12
#raw 0x12
#raw 0x12
#raw 0x12
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x10
#raw 0x10
#raw 0xFE

#org @bye
#raw 0x2
#raw 0xFE
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