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Name: RoreyG
You partner fire types: Charizard and Growlithe
Why do you like fire types?: Generally, Fire Type Pokemon hit fast and hard; my preferred style of battle.

Current Topic
Talk about the Pokemon you chose while joining this club.Why did you choose them?

he's been my oldest and most reliable friend and has gotten me through quite some jams. Started with Charmander in Red, had all of my adventures in Kanto with him by my side and he became the strongest member of my party. When Gold came out, I used the time capsule to trade him over and we continued to go from strength to strength. I had to restart my adventure with him in Fire Red and he's been with me though all of my DS games. Traded him from Fire Red to Heart Gold, now he's in my White 2.

Arcanine is probably my favorite fire type after Charizard. It excels not only in aesthetics but its also insanely powerful. After Charizard, the only other fire type I love to use in the games.