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We came upon my home, though the sight of the building broke my spirit. I fell to my knees saddened, tears in my eyes. The building had all of the windows broken, the door was torn off, and debris was strewn about. "Why would they do this..." She had grown up here, it was her life.

"At least it isn't on fire..." Steven said quietly, "And your master may still be alive."

"Yea" I whispered, "He might be..." I wasn't very hopeful, and my mind feared the worst. I couldn't stand up.

"You stay here, out of sight. I'll bring him out for you. I promise." I looked up at him, receiving a smile in return. "We can always build you a new home anyways." I began to tear up, I felt so weak then. He whispered something that made my heart stutter, it probably meant nothing, or maybe I heard it wrong. But before I could ask him he ran inside.

Over ten minutes I worried more and more, until I gave in. Just as I was about to head inside myself I saw three figures walking out of the house. There was much more smoke now than before, but I could see their silhouettes. Two of them were standing like soldiers, and they were holding the third between them, dragging him forward with little resistance. The third looked weakened, beaten, and seemed to look in my direction. One of the standing persons struck it in the head. I was about to jump up and help but it dawned on me who that might be. They captured Steven.

I was good at math, and unless my master was already taken, then he would still be in there so I ran in and snuck in through a back window. The house had been raided, most things had been taken from it. I walked upstairs, just like this morning. Except this time it was a time for a mourning. As I walked upstairs I heard a sound, a faint, morbid sound. As I got closer it sounded more like groans and moans. "Master?" I coughed, "Master!" He layed against the ground, bruised and battered. "Are you okay?"

His eyes stared blankly at me, hopeless and painful. "Why are you here?" He said hoarsely.

"I came to get you." I said happily, he was alive.

"So was that other boy, I told him to go, but he ignored me. They captured him and beat us both. He fought back though, and they said he would be a great addition to their army." He breathed hard, "I won't live much longer and I can't be responsible for three deaths today."

"I can get you back to one of the family members, they could heal you! Or maybe an alchemist." I held his hand, my closest thing to family was being taken along with my home.

"I need you to leave without me, there are documents in my study you should take as well, hidden under the first plank after the door." He coughed, sputtering blood over my red dress. "Don't read them until you are off the island..." He had tears in his eyes, "You look so beautiful, just like your mother." He said the same thing as Steven, and he then died.

"Just like my mother?" I whispered, "You knew her?" I asked the corpse, unable to hold my shock. I would've stayed there till my death, staring at my Master, crying. But I knew I had to honor his last request, stay alive. Sorrowfully I walked to his study and punched a hole in the floor, releasing my anger on the wood that splintered into my hand. I cried out in pain, and pulled the fragments out, then I pulled the documents out with my good hand. They were not documents though, it was a letter, addressed to this house. I led it tightly, bent on not letting it go and escaped the house.

After I had walked for five minutes I turned around, the fires of the town had now spread to the house and I watched as it was ablaze. It was the exact representation of what was inside me, burning rage and destructive intent. I cried enough in that house, I no longer felt sad. I arrived at the docks, all of the survivors already escaped, I'd spent too much time on the island and had missed the exodus. Luckily there was a sailboat though, and I stole that. Inside were some cans of food and bottled water, obviously a fishing boat. I set the ship up and sailed toward the only place I knew the family could retreat to. I could see the other boats in the distance and as long as I stayed near them, I'd be fine.

I stared at the island already a good distance away and clenched her fists. "Everything taken from me, everything destroyed, everything that I loved, will be avenged." My right fist still bled from the splinters, and stung plenty, but I ignored it, suppressed it. I looked at the letter, wondered what it said, but I decided to wait until I got to the others. "I swear on my life, that even if two graves are dug, I will kill who is responsible."
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