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Originally Posted by h0tshot1025 View Post
I think I'll be able to trade right now.
We are in the same time zone it seems. I think I have a King's Rock to spare here. Would you mind helping me? xD

EDIT: I think I'll be able to trade tomorrow. Around 5PM-ish onwards, GMT +8:00
Can you evolve the Poliwag I requested to Poliwhirl? I really want a Politoed. I'll send you a King's Rock to be held by a Beldum. You can send anything over for the Beldum xD. Then make Poliwhirl hold the King's Rock afterwards. Well, if you wouldn't like, it's fine by me too. I have your Magmar with Magmarizer ready. Ohh, and if you want a nickname for it, just tell me. I usually nickname my Mons.
I'll only be free around 7pm ~ Just found a king's rock on my pokemon ~ Will trade you a poliwhirl iwth king's rock ~

Originally Posted by TheFreak123 View Post
Great! I'll pay attention to this thread for a couple days then until you get it.

Vullaby and Gothita okay for them? I got more Black 2 exclusives if that isn't enough.
Vullaby is ok ~ but i already got a Gothita ..

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