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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
OK then here we go deleting old file and re patching in a new ROM. By the way how is the work on Shining opal?
All I can say about Shining Opal is that progress is happening... Just slower than I'd like.
Originally Posted by pokélover View Post
ahhhh this is nice!!!.....and the bugs In the cianwood gym are can walk/step on on the rock in front of the last trainer in the gym. 2.the rock that the gym leader breaks respawns after about 3 steps after you defeat him

oh and I forgot to tell you when you talk to Mr.Pokemon with the red scale you don't get the option to say yes or no and after you trade you don't even get the experience share.......tried the new patch is just me or does the colors seem more vibrant and you put in some new tunes :D
I've fixed the first bug in today's patch. The second one isn't a bug, it happens in Crystal too. The third one may be because you have too many things in your inventory. I'll fix it later.
And yeah, the colors are a lot better now due to the new DN system.
Originally Posted by mcandre View Post
I'm trying to change the starter Pokemon in CrystalDust using the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. I select Psyduck, Mantine, and Mantine, and save to a new rom file. But when I play the new rom, it still presents the starter Pokemon from CrystalDust, not the ones I chose.

What's wrong? I use a different system of starters than Emerald does.


Are Mew and/or MewTwo catchable in Pokemon CrystalDust like in Emerald? Not yet.

If not, is there a reliable Emerald code that spawns a random Mew? You shouldn't use GameShark codes on hacks.

Can we get a definitive list of catchable Pokemon and compatible movesets for Pokemon CrystalDust? Catchable Pokémon are the same as in Crystal daytime, and learnable moves (not TM moves) are the same as Emerald.

It's unclear whether Mew and/or MewTwo are obtainable in CrystalDust.

It's also unclear whether movesets are closer to Gen II, where very few Pokemon can learn specific HMs, or closer to Gen III, where most Pokemon can learn many HMs. TM and HM assignments are identical to Crystal.

Could we clear up some of the differences between CrystalDust, the official Crystal, the official Emerald, and the official HeartGold? How about ou play the game and see for yourself?
Responses in bold. And please, if I don't respond right away, give it a few hours or days. Please don't spam posts with essentially the same questions.

And now, we bring you today's update: the GB Player update!
The GB Player from HGSS (or GB Sounds in English games) has been inserted into CrystalDust! However, it's of a much higher quality. Some songs still have issues and sound effects haven't been ported, but it's pretty much working as it should.

To get it in-game, go to the questionnaire in any Pokémon Mart and type in the phrase "GAME BOY MUSIC PLEASE". The clerk will then give you the GB Player. The next update should have a way to be informed about this from within the game itself and have a questionnaire within the Goodenrod Dept. Store.

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