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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
All I recall is that Fantina is from Sinnoh... but nothing about her, so imma assume she's French! Nevertheless, I hope there's other people from other regions in this region, because in B/W I didn't really enjoy Cynthia, and if another Sinnoh character has a "role" in these games I will be sad :(
Fantina actually came to Sinnoh before, she was never originally from there. I think it'd make a lot of sense to give her an appearance, or at the very least, a mention since the region seems to be based off of France and she did speak pieces of French in DPPt and the anime.

Cynthia seems like GameFreak's favorite character nowadays. I think they're very proud of her. Hard to say if she'll show up or not. If she does, then I hope she has deeper ties to the region more so than in Black and White. Same goes for any one who should make a cameo really, so it doesn't feel like they're just there.