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Ok, So since it looks like somone is soooooooooooooo annoyed about others saying
"oh, are you gonna make a hack???"
and stuff I won' insist on asking but one suggestion to other good hackers as well or gba remakers please create a hack using these tiles.
1. I don't think Wesley would make a remake for BW.(Probably because he does not say anything like "Ummm... actually I'm still thinking about creating..." sooo I really don't think he will)
2. We should thank him enough I mean he probably have his own private life so it's normal if he does not want anyone to lose faith in him if he does not complete IT in time (If it was an hack)
3. He allows us to use the tiles that he create as long as it's given the correct form of credits/right (though there are only few veterans who can use`em properly)
4. We should be thankful
5. If anyone thinks or plans to create a BW remake I support you and please use these tiles 'cause i support the creator of these tiles as well
Nice Job Wesley!
And Oh! One more thing, guys Wesley has the right to say he doesn't want if he doesn't want
(Guys we people have our own specialties and personally in my opinion I think we should let them create a remake or heck a hack because I believe Wesley would know better after all he was the creator of the tiles and if not Wesley there are still some other veterans that might take interest)

Bom trabalho!
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