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Your new character looks really good. This here is something I'd totally use. <3; I think the shading of the hair could be improved a bit like Ana said but this looks really good even now. Second pic you've posted doesn't look as good though, in my opinion. You've done a neat-o job on the pose and the coloring but shading is a little weird. Her jacket's shading is good, but not her body's. It looks especially weird at the left side of her waist - the part where her jacket is casting a shadow. I'd say it doesn't look like it is matching the jacket's shape. The shading on her head is a little weird too. I think it'd be better to shade strands of hair instead of darkening small parts like you did. The hair in your RP player pic, for example, has some better shading. This would like good if you could emulate something of that sort in here.

Two more things that bother me are
1) The eye's interior is skin-colored.
2) The shadow being cast by hair on her head is really weird. The part just below the hair is totally light while it becomes dark just a little further onward.

So yes, those are my gripes with it. But you're doing a terrific job. I love your stuff. This, if I had to pick one, is my favorite. Just because I probably haven't seen a better use of lines in works for a while now. Really amazing stuff.
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