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Originally Posted by MidgetNinja156 View Post
One awesome thing would definitely be character customisation. If they added that my head would blow up and paint the walls with brain matter because of the immense excitement!

Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
*laughs at the thought of possible new brain matter wall decoration in the future* xD xD
You win three Internetz.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I think it's based off of Europe in general, with France, or more particularly Paris (lol Paras) being one city.

Makes me think if Paras will make an appearance in these games.
Paris is one city and home to the Eiffel Tower. Many France residents will point out they live in other cities. France could very well be the region, or a body of water introduced that splits France and England.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I wonder if there will be some french text in the games? Who knows, we all might learn some french.
Blasphème! Pourquoi voudriez-vous utiliser un jeu Pokémon comme professeur de langues?

I would support Fantina appearing as having some sort of role.

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