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As someone mentioned a lot earlier, I wonder if Fantina is from this region?
Yeah, that's what I posted a few pages back. I think it'd be a neat connection!

As for French references, I'd get them! I've taken four years of French, lmao. I'd like to just play the game entirely in French honestly. Anyone know if the Canadien French version will be compatible with my 3DS? I know they're region locked, but if the region is still North America, it would still play right?

Also, if there are French references, I hope it's not the silly broken French that Fantina used in DPPt. I'm fine with what BW did by having people just speak entirely in French or speak in French, then say it again in English (or in whatever language the game is in). That would be neat. Just not the broken mess. A bit annoying. Like you don't see me running around here like TRES BIEN GUYS.

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