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I'll be the one two ruin the fun by saying this - I do not use pokemon as stocks in my works. Unless somebody requests me for something or something along those lines, I never go for pokemon. :p Although I have made stuff in the past, they've all been either requests or, in one case, a PC style. Currently working on that. So yes, I do not get any kind of 'warm' and fuzzy feeling when I work on pokemon stocks but I do feel a little nostalgic if I happen to work on, say, a generation one or two pokemon. :P

Maybe it has something to do with me getting over pokemon to a certain degree. I wonder what I'm doing typing this on a pokemon forum. I'm so weird. XD;
Psst, a secret - Derozio had an art gallery in here before. He draws stuff too. But not pokemon. Not much. :p
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