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Here is a glimpse of the Seijo Region Map:

This terrain is more of an undeveloped region with very little land development (That Hoenn-ish feeling to it). It contains a lot more wildlife consisting of lots wide, vast open areas, hence the acknowledgment of not having many high elevated areas. Landmarks like Worldview Society are a group of Environmental Engineers that occasionally go out into the field to do research on Seijo's routes as there have been reports of unhealthy living conditions in the environment such as poison dwelling in the soil and drinking waters
(Who or what could be causing this...?) The starting town of this region is Blue Leaf Town (connection to Brighton Town via Route 76/Route 77. As you will see later in the game your little brother... nevermind, I won't spoil it. Seijo's regional features would be more apparent when personally visiting it in-game.
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