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Erika Alessandra Lombardi

The announcement was something she didn’t expect. Erika, in her nightwear, who diligently woke up just to check up on her fashion store…was probably going to do more than just her fashion designing. A war is breaking out inside the world of CLOUD. Her DAEMON, wasn’t made for battle at all. Icarus mentioned that no DAEMON can idle for too long..or her offline life is at stake. Erika, tapping her fingers on her desk, and staring at her dual monitor desktop computer, tried to figure out what to do to get her DAEMON to Cloudland, the world where she hung out the most. Her levels, her achievements, her experiences were all set to zero. She was back to her 2009 self, where she had no clue on what the hell she’s doing in this digital world.

The good thing about the whole situation arising was that Erika finished her final exams, and now in winter break. Six weeks of survival? No problem. She lived by herself throughout all her years in college. She was never much of a person to go outside. Or at least, she was like that since her parents died just a few months ago. However, she wasn't aware that her friends were extremely worried about her. Very so.

The bipedal ferret DAEMON, Starflower, scoured around the floor for a way out. Erika placed all her concentration on Starflower as she turned quadruped to shove through the many panicked CLOUD members out of the way. Being a giant ferret is no playing games. Some DAEMONS she shoved were smaller than her, shorter than her, and even weaker than her. She wondered if she can be leveled up just for shoving.

With her whiskered nose twitching up a bit, she turned 360 degrees and spotted an open way towards Cloudland. It was a clear way, and there wasn’t that much time left to go. Starflower, being constantly shoved from every DAEMON passing by, she took 5 seconds to shove a random DAEMON in front of her, using her head. Without thinking, she zipped through the crowds of DAEMONs to escape the fury, finding a giant box to hide in. She wasn't used to fight. All she did was to design clothes and to...provide items and gear to the warriors who fought. So many thoughts were going through Starflower's mind...more so Erika's, who was controlling the bipedal ferret.


A vibration was felt from Erika's phone next to the keyboard. It was the first text message she received since the start of final exams at her university. As she glanced at her computer that Starflower is hiding inside the large box. She quickly glanced at her tablet-like phone to find an unread text message...from a certain Robert Flores. The text message quickly disappeared in the lock screen, as Erika unlocked her phone afterward.

“Erika! Are you up for breakfast this morning?”

Robert Flores was Erika's best friend. She had somewhat of a crush on him during her Business Marketing class, but was afraid to tell him her feelings. It was rare that he asked her out for breakfast, it was a first since Erika isolated herself from everything. Erika grabbed her phone with her right hand, and stared at that text message for a good five minutes. Then quickly realized that Starflower had idled far too long. “I can't. I just... can't.” she murmured at the text. Quickly setting her phone aside, her right hand was on the mouse, and her left hand on the left side of the keyboard. She had to find a quick way to respawn and fight back.

After a few more minutes of struggling and shoving, Robert sent her yet another text message. Erika did not respond back, and more likely won't respond...

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