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I think it has been pretty much established that there are no evil Pokémon, but only Pokémon who may obey the evil commands of their trainers. It's really impossible to say that a Pokémon can just be naturally evil, and RedWing covers those reasons very well.

The only way I see them using the "evil" appeal as a plot is if there's an influence causing said Pokémon to act out maliciously. With the ultimate goal to stop the force behind this and/or find a cure to heal the Pokémon's evil actions. Pokémon Colosseum and XD have explored this similar story nicely, as well as the anime. A prime example is when we see a Pokémon acting out viciously either because something may be causing it physical harm and/or someone is using a mechanism to control their actions and make them appear evil.

Besides, if there were to have ever been a better time to appeal the good vs. evil natures in a Pokémon and not a human, it would have been in Black and White where there was a Ying/Yang overlapping theme.
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