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Here's my alpha SU

Name: Jett Watters
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Starter: Eevee

Appearance: Jett is about 6'3 and weighs roughly 130 pounds. His appearance is rather...average. His chin is rather sharp, his eyes an unattractive blue. His forehead is medium sized. The only unnatural thing about him is his blue hair that hangs down in his eyes. He isn't particularly handsome, and he isn't the kind of guy you would pick out in a crowd. Jett's usual apparel is a light blue tee-shirt with a darker water drop emblazoned on the front, dark blue jeans, an blue sneakers. He has a grey backpack that he keeps with him.

Personality: Jett is, again, an average guy all the way around. He isn't memorable. He's quiet, he has a blatant sense of humor, he isn't overly smart, and his voice is neither too deep nor too soft. Jett is very, very awkward. Things never come out of his mouth the way he wants them to. He can be clever at times, but he keeps to himself most of the time. The only thing he isn't average at is swimming. Jett could be considered a Water Ninja. He takes pride in this ability, and cherishes his Arceus-given ability.

History: Jett grew up in Lilycove City. His parents were both sailors, so he spent a good majority of the time near water. His past was relatively uneventful, with one exception. Once there was an awful storm while his parents were out. Jett was seven at the time, but he was an excellent swimmer anyways. He went out to the pier to wait on their return. They didn't return...for days in fact. When they did, it was just his father. His mother had died. He was never the same after that.
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