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I just got into the pokemon TCG and picked several things this past week

BoundariesCrossed: Cold Fire
NextDestinies: Voltage Vortex

And then 4 BoundariesXd boosters and pulled a Celebi EX in the first pack!!! :D I didn't even know it was that rare at the time!

I also really needed a vileplume or bellossom (to round off the evolution set) and decided to break my budget and grab one more booster (my 4th BoundariesX'd pack this week ) and my rare was a non-holo bellossom :D

Unfortunately that's all I remember that I got right now ;

I'll have to update when I get in front of my decks at home.

I also ordered some singles off ebay... Just my favorite pokemon ; (stupidly I bought cards and then bought Voltage Vortex so I now have 3 pikachus and raichus V_V)

So Pikachu (rH), Raichu, Marril (rH), Growlithe, Archanine (H), and 4 Loppunies

I know they're all pretty common 8D but they're just my favorite pokemon/evolution completers and I wasn't planning to get as addicted as I am LOL. I figured I'd have one deck, a few boosters, fill in the holes, and be done ;

Yeah... that didn't happen.... I'm currently rabidly searching for a Psy/Grass deck theme deck >.<

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