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Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Personally, I think the name of the region should be changed as the map doesn't look like Kanto at all (although you can probably guess what most maps there are based on, due to not heavily "re-scripting" everything).
Yeah, I've thought about this alot. I don't want to rename the region and towns because I don't want the players to be unable to connect with the world. I want them to walk into a new town and say "Ahhh, Celadon (:" Otherwise it will be a game with a bunch of ambiguous names to which the player doesn't have any attachments.

That was my biggest problem with Brown. It is an excellent game. But I don't feel like I have any attachments to the individual towns. It is only my opinion though, and perhaps I'm the odd ball that thinks this way, but it's how I feel.
Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Other than that, have you thought about adding in new events and creating scripts for them? It shouldn't be that difficult to add in simple "give pokemon" events, new trainer battles and such. After all, Sawakita made those small demonstrations on how to do things some could call scripting. In GS, there is plenty of unused ram space for new stuff to be added in without replacing anything already implemented, ought to be in RB as well.

Also one other thing cool to have would be Running Shoes disabling bike there. You could probably use a similar routine to that of what KBM introduced for Gold and Silver. Debug where you can add it and insert new stuff there.
Yeah, I definitley plan to write brand new scripts to make it that much more exciting rather than only manipulating existing scripts.

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