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Warning, this has nothing to do with Pokemon what so ever

Chapter 1: Running Away

Zane could barely catch his breath, as red crimson blood dripped from his mouth. The boy laid in the middle of the fighting arena struggling to even stand. Three feet away was the man that caused him this pain, Maximus. Maximus rubbed a Frustraighted hand through his smooth blond hair. "Get up Zane you're not done yet." Maximus said in a growling tone.

Zane picked himself up, but he knew that he had no more energy to spare. "Maximus please, stop I can’t go on anymore?" the boy begged.

Maximus sighed and gave the innocent child an angered look. "Do you think your enemy would do that if you asked? I said try again!" he demanded. Zane could see it in the man's dark sky blue eyes that he wasn't playing. Frustration showed in Zane's piercing ink black eyes.

"I don’t want to do this anymore Maximus, you’re always pushing me around and I’m sick of it!" He yelled. The man’s face turned into an angry frown and about five seconds later like a magic trick he disappeared. Zane turned his head franticly searching for where the enraged man would reappear but there wasn’t the slightest sign of where he was. Suddenly Maximus grabbed Zane by the throat and held him up in the air. The boy made a strange choking nose that sounded like he was coughing and gasping at the same time, he tried to remove Maximus's rough creamy white fingers but it didn't work.

"Now you listen to me you sorry excuse for a fireball, you will do as I say understand, or there will be consequences!" Maximus yelled. Zane nodded his head frantically, scared out of his mind, adrenalin pumping through his veins. His spiky hair, as black as midnight, with a bang covering his forehead flowed through the breeze. Maximus smiled and let go, dropping Zane on the pure cement fighting arena floor.

Zane held his neck gasping for air. "You're worthless, a child with a gift and can't even learn to control it! Nothing but a horse and I am the king!" Maximus yelled. The crazed man kicked Zane as hard as he could. He was sent flying across the arena and smashed into a wall of red bricks.

"Ahhhh!!" Zane yelled in pain. Zane fell on to the ground leaving a human imprint on the wall. His vision began to blur, everything was turning black, and as his breathings slowed so did his heart rate. The boy closed his eyes unconscious. Hours later he regained consciousness and looked up at the dark sky.

"What a jerk!" Zane yelled in anger. He picked himself up, dusting off his long sleeved red shirt and black pants.

"I would learn to control my power if he would stop trying to kill me all the time, I don’t even know if I have a power…… Whatever, it doesn't matter anymore because I’m outta here." Zane said. The angered child ran out of the training field and into the forest. The scene was quite the beautiful, brown trees with pick petals falling to the ground. Zane looked up at the dark sky full of bright stars and the giant moon. He closed his eyes and felt the breeze brush up against his bronze brown skin.

Snap! The sound of a twig breaking reached Zane’s ears; and the startled boy turned around only to see a hungry, blood thirty wolves in front of him. The first wolf with shaggy gray fur walked up slowly and stealth-fully with caution. "Grrrr!" The beast growled.

Zane turned around and smiled. "Catch me if you can pups." He taunted.

After his last words were spoken the boy darted deeper into the forest full of Cherry Blossom trees with the viscous pack of gray wolfs right on his tail. Zane leaped high into the air and landed on a sturdy tree limb and turned to face the wolves. "What's wrong the wolves can't climb trees? Too bad looks like you’re going home hungry.”He taunted.

Suddenly one of the gray wolfs jumped off another’s back and was headed straight for Zane, the wolf landed on a tree branch right beside him. Zane stared at the wolf in shock, these where no ordinary animals, what were they? Last time Zane checked they couldn't jump on top of trees. "Uh oh." Zane said to himself.

"Grrr!" The shaggy gray wolf on the tree limb growled. Now scared out of his mind the boy jolted off of the tree limb, somersaulted and bolted off as soon as he landed on the soft ground covered in Cherry Blossom petals. The pack of Demonic wolves chased the boy, yearning for the boys flesh and evoked to be on their hunt. Zane ran through bushes faster than he had ever ran before but the pack was gaining closer, inch by inch, paw by paw they got closer their hunger grew larger and larger the more they chased him.

"Leave me alone!" Zane yelled. Adrenalin filled his veins, scared to lose his life but at the same time he was thrilled, never had he had this much excitement before it was both terrifying and fun for him. His heart felt lodged in his throat beating harder and faster each minute that he ran from the wolves. Suddenly Zane tripped over a tree root and fell face first to the ground, it was softer than the cement that he was always beaten into my Maximus but it still left a little sting.

The pack circled Zane baring their fangs, drooling thinking about how good his flesh would taste. "I said leave me alone!" Zane yelled. Anger formed in his eyes, anger from being chased, anger from being thrown into brick walls because of his power the power he didn't ask for, a power that he was born with, a power that he doesn’t even know that he has. It all angered him, Maximus didn't care about Zane he just wanted his power.

Suddenly one of the wolves bound towards the confused child and Zane quickly responded by getting on to his feet and jumping back. "I said back off!" He yelled.

A warm sensation formed in Zane’s right hand and he held it out, as he looked at his bronze brown hand hot red-orange flames had formed covering his fist. The boy smiled and squeezed his right hand making the roaring red-orange flames grow. The pack of gray wolfs took a few steps back but still didn't leave they weren't going to give up their meal just because a little fire. Unexpected another wolf sprinted straight for Zane and he held out his right hand covered in fire and formed the blazing flames into a ball then threw it at the gray wolf looking hungrier than it did before .

"Take this you stupid excuse for a rug!" Zane yelled. The sprinting wolf ducked under the hot fireball and leaped onto Zane, biting down on his left arm.

"Ouch!" Zane yelled in pain. The boy struggled shaking his body trying to remove the gray wolf. It didn't work the wolf bit down harder on Zane's arm, crimson red O positive blood flowed into the wolf’s mouth it was tasty better than he had ever tasted before.

"Get off of me!" Zane yelled. Hot red-orange flames covered Zane's left and right arm and he kicked the gray wolf high into the air. Zane bounced back up and leaned on a tree holding his left arm, he had to lose the pack or he'd be done for.
"Grrr!" A wolf on his right growled.

"Sorry I wish I could play more but I really should get going." Zane said. He smiled and leaped high into the air and landed on a sturdy tree branch. Suddenly the big, muscled gray wolf that Zane kicked softly landed on the ground and bared its fangs one last time.

"Like I said, I wish I could play more but really I have to get going." Zane said. The pack surrounded the tree there was no place to run, and if he tried to jump tree to tree they would only follow. Suddenly out of the blue a girl with short black hair, eyes as blue as the ocean itself, creamy tan skin, a black short sleeved shirt, short black pants, black shoes, and two dark blue Bokken swords stood right beside him.

"Wow who are you?" Zane asked. The girl smiled……………………


Oh please tell me what you think, this is my own personal story and my friends told me to post it so i really want to know what the readers think. Please let me know
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