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Quote originally posted by GDADelfino:
Okay- I'll have to delve deeper into the game then- only to rank 14, can't quite get all 5 gym leaders down with my team though (massive plus, I can actually use almost all of my favorites early on- and Lunatone/Kangaskhan destroys a lot of the enemy trainers.) Grind time, go.

As for the list, I might just add that in with a playthrough (none has been done yet, right? It's a shame really- this game is like my childhood wrapped up in one free package. XD) After I beat the game first, that is.
A video let's play? This will be nice! But there are already some (I need to update the topic), the one I've seem that come most far stops at Rank 8. Anyway, please make a separate list with english errors, this way is easier to scroll than videos with hours of gameplay.

Quote originally posted by beautifly1992:
where do you find or but the stones i want my eevee to evolve but cant seem to find any stones.
You can buy the stones in Pokémon Market, but you need, at least, Rank 9.

Quote originally posted by Nothingtodo:
hey, also a quick question, I'm at rank 18X now, but the only legendarie I found was mew, where can I get the others?
Wow, what is your play time/team?
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