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Chapter 2: Disconnections

Sylvia: I looked around the huge castle when the male with silver hair put me down next to the female who had red hair. I smiled lightly and extended my hand for them to shake it but they declined politely. They started walking towards a room that was past a ginormous door. The door we entered into was significantly smaller and was a tannish color unlike the huge door what was red. I looked around slowly and saw two mice who were about three feet tall. They both wore crowns but the King was the one who had a strange goldish Keyblade. It looked like mine except it was slightly smaller and glistened under the morning sun like a diamond.

"Riku, Kairi. Were you guys able to get the three chosen ones from the islands?" The king asked the male with the silver hair and the blindfold whom I guessed was Riku, and the female with the red hair that nearly covered her eyes' name was Kairi. By the way the King had said three chosen ones from the islands I guessed it either had to be Caius, Zach and I or Tidus, Selphie and Wakka. But seeing as they grabbed me I concluded that it was me and my two friends.

"Um your majesty we ran into a problem on the islands and the girl was the only one we managed to retrieve. The two boys were sucked into darkness. Although one was swallowed by the Heartless and the other was caught by a male in an Organization XIII uniform alongside with some nobodies." Riku explained and the King nearly threw his Keyblade at Riku but restrained himself and kept his cool under the pressure. He looked at the Queen and smiled slightly and the Queen nodded slightly. The King then directed his attention towards Riku, Kairi and I.

"Riku and Silvia you guys need to find the boys. Without all three of them here together they stand no chance at doing something that Sora failed to accomplish, defeating Xemnas." The King said and I nodded along with Riku. I looked around then I realized something. How did the King know what my name was but I decided to ignore that for now and looked at Riku who I can see looked sorta excited that he was going to be going on an adventure.

Caius: I struggled against the males arms once I woke up and saw that he was carrying me towards a huge white castle which on the top tower had a heart cut out of it. He began walking towards the largest tower and I saw a bunch of other people in cloaks appear and they started to look at me. Then a female who had light blonde hair that draped over her shoulder came out the crowd but unlike everybody else she wasn't wearing a black cloak instead she had a white dress that ended a little bit above her knees. She was carrying a notebook and a pencil, she then looked at the male who brought me here and he nodded and she turned to a new page and started drawing something. Suddenly my head hurt and it felt like all my energy was being drained from my body but in reality it was my memories. I fell to the ground and was clutching my head but when she stopped drawing I passed out. About an hour later I awoke and saw everyone that had a black cloak. A small smile was on my face when I woke up and I searched for Naminé and Roxas. I couldn't find Roxas but I saw Naminé and smiled at her then looked again at the people in the Organization and nodded my head.

"What's my next mission" I asked softly and a new male with long, frayed blue hair framing his face, though slicked back in wild spikes at the top. Behind, it reaches down to his mid-back and is cut slightly neater. A distinctive trait of his is the X-shaped scar between his yellow eyes that extends to about halfway up his forehead in one direction and to just under his eyes in the other revealed his face from his hood and walked towards me. He smiled and said only one word.

"Training" The male said and I summoned my Keyblade which was different. Instead of it being a silverish key it was now a dark keyblade that has a small sphere of darkness under the blade. The blade is blue and it turns purple when danger is near. The handle has a demon and dark angel wing. The teeth are silver and its shaped like the crecent moon with a wing. I smiled and the male with the scythe charged towards me and swung at me. I noticed that the blade had turned purple and I swiftly dodged his attack and swung back at him only for it to be deflected by his scythe. He swung at me once again narrowly missing due to me ducking and I hit him in the chest with my Keyblade making him fly backwards.

Zach: I slowly awoke in a place full of darkneaa and I looked around and saw nothing but the creatures with the yellow eyes from the islands. My eyes widened at I summoned my silverish Keyblade and slashed some of the creatures before a Fair and green-skinned woman, her shining, yellow eyes are heavily shadowed with violet make-up and her lips are painted red. This dark witch's head is topped with a black-horned headdress and she wears a long, tattered black robe with a purple trim and maroon flare edges appeared and grabbed me and brought me towards a meeting room that held plenty of other people. One of them was a male who has blue skin and blue flaming "hair". His eyes are completely yellow except for his black pupils. He has very sharp teeth and an unnatural black mouth. His face is quite long and thin, with his chin jutting out abruptly. His fingers are long, thin, and clawed. He wears what appears to be a dark grey shirt underneath a black toga, the latter of which seems to be held up by a small skull pin on his right shoulder.

"Where am I and who are you" I asked loudly and the female from earlier stood up and looked at me. She then looked at the rest of the people who were in a circle surrounding a table.

"You are at Hollow Bastion. I'm Maleficent and these are my accomplices Oogie Boogie, Capitan Hook, and Hades" Maleficent said to me and pointed at her accomplices.
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