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Omnimon is an interesting choice... I was also thinking of including Pharaohmon to the list of possibilities.

so for now we have this list for potential Corrupted Megas:

- Sleipmon
- Omnimon
- Grankwagamon
- Apollomon
- Black Wargreymon
- Alphamon
- Pleisomon
- HiAndromon
- Phoenixmon
- HerculesKabuterimon
- PrinceMamemon (i'm tempted to use this one to see possible banter between him and Kaiba :B)
- Armageddemon
- JumboGamemon
- Ophanimon

interesting enough we have a lot more holy and dragon-attributes than we do dark-attributes. I would think that Milleniumon or Venom/Malomyotismon would be equally cop out-ish, too :B
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