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Originally Posted by NavySealGR View Post
Hello.I noticed that many people here make shops about pokemon but as far as i know,none for berries!Therefore i decided to make a pokemon shop,and also give every single berry that exist till gen 4 for free to everyone.But before that let me list the rules of these shop.

There will be a set of rules and also a blacklist and whitelist that are constantly updated,based on the behavior of the people i traded.Whitelist is only for exceptional trainers and traders that i fully trust,and blacklist...well you know.If you dont see your name in the whitelist nor the balcklist,thats good,it means im satisfied with our cooperation.And last but not list my set of rules:


1.Whatever you info you need on a trade only on PMS,here you post only you wants and "gives"

2.Dont spam me,ask info if you want on pm,but just one,ill answer the sooner i can.

3.Whoever is satisfied can leave some piece of karma as a sign that trading goes well and i will respond the same,more karma more trustworthy.

4.Be nice and kind,dont insult anyone,it will only result in you getting reported and on the blacklist.

5.Dont make trades with other people here,you will be instantly put on the blacklist.

6.Please be patient on the trades,we all have lifes,i will espond to you the sooner i can.

7.Your posts must be only about trading,anything irrelevant will result with you in the blacklist.

8.I accept neither hacked pokes nor i trade hacked ones.

9.Have fun!




Pokemon Section


1.VGC09 Milotic
2.VGC10 Eevee
3.Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu
4.NZ Manaphy
5.TRU Regigigas x2
7.FAL2010 Mew
8.SPACE C Deoxys
9.SMR2010 Jiachi (with pokerus)
10.SMR2010 Jirachi
11.TRU Shaymin x2
12.Japanese Scizor Wi-Fi Gift
13.Alamos Darkrai
14.Pokemon Event Darkrai (OT:????)
15.Michina Arceus
16.Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus
17.Pokemon Movie 10 Entei
18.Pokemon Movie 10 Raikou
19.Pokemon Movie 10 Suicune
20.Pokemon Movie 10 Celebi x2
21.Japanese Celebi


1.Metagross (eved)
13.Metagross x2
24.Tyranitar (eved on attack with 31 IV)
25.Ralts (male)
26.Ralts (female)

P.S.1. i take orders for rnged shinies!I can also level up and ev train the shinies you want,for example if you want a shiny electabuzz i can level up a shiny elekid for you!All in all you ll mostly see the non evoluted for of every shiny i have and if you want its shiny evolution just ask!

Berries Section
1.Cheri Berry
2.Chesto Berry
3.Pecha Berry
4.Rawst Berry
5.Aspear Berry
6.Leppa Berry
7.Oran Berry
8.Persim Berry
9.Lum Berry
10.Sitrus Berry
11.Figy Berry
12.Wiki Berry
13.Mago Berry
14.Aguav Berry
15.Iapapa Berry
16.Razz Berry
17.Bluk Berry
18.Nanab Berry
19.Wepear Berry
20.Pinap Berry
21.Pomeg Berry
22.Kelpsy Berry
23.Qualot Berry
24.Hondew Berry
25.Grepa Berry
26.Tamato Berry
27.Cornn Berry
28.Magost Berry
29.Rabuta Berry
30.Nomel Berry
31.Spelon Berry
32.Pamtre Berry
33.Watmel Berry
34.Durin Berry
35.Belue Berry
36.Occa Berry
37.Passho Berry
38.Wacan Berry
39.Rindo Berry
40.Yache Berry
41.Chople Berry
42.Kebia Berry
43.Shuca Berry
44.Coba Berry
45.Payapa Berry
46.Tanga Berry
47.Charti Berry
48.Kasib Berry
49.Haban Berry
50.Colbur Berry
51.Babiri Berry
52.Chilan Berry
53.Liechi Berry
54.Ganlon Berry
55.Salac Berry
56.Pataya Berry
57.Apicot Berry
58.Lansat Berry
59.Starf Berry
60.Enigma Berry
61.Micle Berry
62.Custap Berry
63.Jaboca Berry
64.Rowap Berry

P.S. just ask me a berry you want we trade with pokes that are very common,you take one of each berry you want,you plant it in your game and you take more when the plant grows,dong that many times by just one berry you ll have more than ten of the same kind.Also if we trade pokes i can let them keep berries you need!
3.All the shinies i own,with minor exceptions are rnged shinies,so keep that in mind.

EDIT:I decided with each trade to give you one bag item you need too as a gift,whatever that bag item is.From simple items,to a TM or a PokeBall or Medicine,just infrom me before the trade!
I need 11 of these berries each: Grepa,Hondew,Pomeg,Qualot,Kelpsy,Tomato. Can you get me them please?