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Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
so would Piedmon... :3

I think Dynasmon might be a cool choice for a corrupted, his alternative form (X) looks mightly corrupted already
>.< I was actually planning on making Dynasmon X my appointed Mega... I can switch that up if you guys want to use him for one of the Corrupted Megas. As for other Megas... I think there was one that was a DNA digivolution of Darkdramon and BantyoLeomon that was pretty cool. ChaosGallantmon is an honest to goodness badass, and Megidramon would be a suitable dark type if you so chose to have one. There's also ****mon, which - for one apparently I'm not allowed to say - is technically not a Mega but should qualify anyways because he's motherlovin' Cthulhu... Daemon would be an obvious cop out as well. Neptunemon could be good as well... You should probably throw in some sort of aquatic digimon, I mean, that'd be a lot of uncovered territory otherwise.

Anyways, putting up my sheet in increments. I was wondering if I could have my partner be locked in Champion a la Gatomon, because I'm planning on having it be Bakemon. I was thinking of having it locked in there both because Bakemon are notoriously weak (or at least have a very poor track record) and because of the whole "Death Evolution" thing, which I was going to work into its backstory. If that's not kosher, I'm just gonna swap out the Champion down and tweak the backstory some, it won't be a big deal.

Name: Samantha Laroux
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: Samantha is a young lady with a slender dancer's frame, a somewhat pale complexion and rather fair, almost platinum blonde hair. The whole ensemble, along with her general disregard for things like makeup, gives her an almost surreal, ghostly appearance. The French girl seems to be practically designed to be an artist with thin and delicate fingers that are good for all manner of instruments and tools and her aforementioned litheness being well suited to dance and acrobatics. Like the rest of her physical features, Samantha's blue eyes are quite bright, and her expressions are typically full of energy. Despite her attractive figure and long hair, Samantha is quite content to bury them under a baggy hoodie to support one of her passions. She wears a grey hoodie with bold red and white stripes going down the sleeves and the stylized figures "N7" over her heart. The rest of her outfit is rather baggy as well, and the dark colours she favours only accentuate her paleness further. A beige medicine bag (marked as being from Tricell Laboratories of course) is slung over her shoulder in lieu of a bag or purse.

Personality: Samantha is often mistaken as an introverted and distant person due to her rather spacy looks and (mostly) unassuming attire. This is perhaps true to a degree, but a more prudent description would say that she's composed and somewhat single minded. The girl is incredibly friendly, but her current objective is to find a way back to Lyon, not to make friends that she'll probably never see again. Unfortunately Sam is something of a social creature by nature. As a result friendship in one way or another tends to be inevitable. While her dedication to making it back to her family is drawing all of her attention at the moment, the party will undoubtedly see how she gets when she focuses on something else. Without the hanging pall of distraction Samantha practically does a complete 180, becoming an outspoken, passionate and almost stereotypically flamboyant force of nature. She constantly sprinkles her words with smatterings of her native tongue and she tends to draw attention to her love for music, food and science fiction. This inner spark is tempered with a heroic willpower and need to bring everyone around her up to her level, making it something to be both admired and probably locked away in the basement when company is over.

Backstory: Samantha was born and raised in the French culinary capital of Lyon. Raised like a princess by her doting parents, Samantha exhibited a driven curiousity and a passion for personal perfection from a young age. Her parents stressed the importance of doing everything with "spirit", and encouraged her enthusiastic approach to the various pursuits that she held throughout life. The result was an optimistic girl with a firm understanding of what her parents believed were the basics of success: confidence and a drive to improve. Samantha grew up studying a handful of subjects with an increased fervor, including English. Eventually the girl expressed an interest in how life is in other countries, which spurred her parents to arrange for her to spend a year living with her mother's family in America. Given the contents of this RP, you can probably imagine how absolutely wonderful their timing was for this little excursion.

Samantha had spent almost her entire year in America without incident. She quite liked the change of pace and the different customs and traditions, and the whole thing had progressed her grasp of the English language so efficiently that she no longer spoke with a particularly thick accent. One thing that Samantha did find out, however, was that she missed her parents quite dearly. Perhaps she was being a bit clingy, but eventually the girl was counting the days until her return, eager to be held in her mother's arms and taste her father's cooking once again. However, then everything started to fall to pieces. The digimon attacks became public enough for the other nations to close themselves off from America mere days before Sam's return, and her flight back to Lyon was obviously cancelled. Undeterred, Samantha was quite determined to escape from this dangerous new world to return to the relative safety of her family. Samantha and her relatives set out on an exodus to New York, following rumours that there would be a way out of the country there. Whether or not there was truly salvation to be had, the girl wound up getting seperated from her relatives during an attack and when she had made it to New York without them as per their instructions should they be split up, she found it already under seige by the corrupted digimon. And that is where our story begins.

Breed: Bakemon
Nickname: Rosencrantz
Gender: ...yes?
Digivolution Route: Pagumon -> DemiDevimon -> Bakemon -> Phantomon -> Dynasmon X

Personality: Rosencrantz has... admirable optimism. Being almost completely destroyed and comng back as a Bakemon seems to have done little in the way of extinguishing that. Admittedly, it doesn't remember being anything but a Bakemon, and its memory of being destroyed of all things is fuzzy at best. In fact it can't remember much of anything save for its purpose. Its dedication to its place in the prophecy was perhaps what kept it from being destroyed entirely, and Rosencrantz is clearly devoted to seeing it fulfilled. As a result its old life and missing memories are little more than a passing fancy, a trifling amusement to entertain him when he has the time to spare for it. Rosencrantz' jolliness and eagerness to please will undoubtedly make him fast friends with Samantha, and the tamer will without a doubt rub off on the undead digimon. (One can only pray that their first foray into Mega level together doesn't become a horrific display of rock and roll, hot bloodedness, giant robots, shattering of the laws of physics and fervent declarations that there can be only one.)

Upon corruption Rosencrantz becomes an angry and embittered thing. The world has kicked it about and owes him a living, and he's back to collect. The digimon takes a cruel and merciless edge to his humour and attitude, wanting nothing more then to make the world suffer like he does every day of its wretched half life. His attitude towards Samantha is significantly darker, he still acts subservient to her, but behaves in a manner that makes it clear that he despises every second of it and would probably turn on the girl the second his obligation is fulfilled.

Backstory: Prophecies have always been peculiar things. It is natural for some to fight them, but the more the subjects resist, the more the prophecy seems to exert its will to go on. Rosencrantz is a good example of this case. It is quite clear that the digimon itself is in litte condition to share his own tale, though. The detatchment of digimon that were sent out to retrieve him never returned. Whether they were destroyed or corrupted or incompletely erased like Rosencrantz itself is unknown. Whatever the blessed digimon were expecting when their subjects returned is up to debate, but it wasn't the news that they had been all but demolished, prophecized hero and all. But then things toom a turn from the bleak to the bizarre, as that lone Bakemon floated into view, a resonating yet charred and tarnished digivice devoid of its former colour in hand. Even in his new state the hero was barely clinging to life, but when he was nursed back to health he was more than eager to play out the role fate had defiantly attatched him to. Seeing no other option, the blessed digimon sent him with the rest.

(just gonna post immediately so that my concerns in the first half of the post are put up, then will immediately be going back to edit in more content.)
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