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Leon looked down at Snivy. After the collision with Zorua it seemed as if Snivy was down for the count. "I believe Snivy is done for now." Professor Juniper said as she walked over and healed Snivy. "We'll it was some good experience there, partner." Leon said patting his Snivy on the head.

"I just realized I haven't given you a nickname yet. I'm thinking Konoha." Snivy nodded in agree with her name. "Sweet then that's your name, Konoha!" Just then Juniper came over and gave Leon the Pokeball containing the wild Lilipup. Leon had almost forgotten about his capture attempt. "Thanks for the assist there, prof."

After putting his Pokeball on his belt clip, Leon patted the Tepig trainer on the back. "You got this, dude."
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