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Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
The trade will have to be done on my original black version, only due to the fact that I'm in the middle of SRing for shiny cresselia on my black 2. I can offer you any one of these shinies for the shiny ditto:

Combee (M)

Your pick. Just let me know.
I would like to have the litwick!

Originally Posted by BelleMorte1 View Post
May I get that Shiny Scrafty and Camerupt? >w> I have a lot to trade for any shinys other than the ones i laready have. I am trying to collect them all you see. SHinys I have are: Ditto,Dragonite,Gyrados,Altaria,Raticate,Haxorus.
I'll have Altaria and Raticate since i alr have the rest ..

Originally Posted by SoulSilver10112 View Post
I would like the Audino, what Pokemon would you like for her? I have most of the games, and I can transfer from other generations.
What would u like to offer ? i have no special preferences ~

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