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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Lack of true synergy between cards. Need stronger combos and better consistency. Cut some bad cards. Don't run triple Compulsory. Incoherent deck with no clear win condition.

I suggest focusing on either Fortune Ladies or Prophecy alone. The two archetypes have very little playability together; even though they seem to have some on the surface, Dark has no inherent advantage when it is being Special Summoned and you don't run enough Junon or more support to make the Junon beatdown consistent.

Also some cards like Reaper / Strength are just random.
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Now then.

Reaper is sorta random, I'll give you that. But Strength helps boost levels for XYZ summons, I don't see how he's random, especially since I get to shuffle Spellbooks back.

No triple Compuls? I suppose 2 would be fine.
I have to argue against the Junon: Running 3 of them doesn't seem like something I'd want to invest in, especially when I can just Spellbook of Life for her. Plus, since I get the field management from Junon anyway, I don't think the intention is just for beatdown anyway. Dark gets a free F.Lady from the grave, and since most lady effects activate from SP summons from a F.Lady anyway, I don't see how she doesn't work.

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