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Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
Nope. I don't bite my nails. I do, however, tear them when they are long enough for me to do so. Therefore, my nails are always uneven and short, especially if I rip them too close to the edge of my finger.
This is me!!! I never understood how people could bite their nails, willingly or unconsciously!!! So gross, dirty, unhygienic, nasty, unclean, just all round ew!!!! Putting your MOST LIKELY UNCLEAN/NOT WASHED RECENTLY nails, harbingers of dirt and disease, into your mouth? I hope you people die of Ebola or something.

I tend to tear my nails whenever I'm in stress or when I'm bored, it gives me something to do to relieve the tension or pass the time. You can often see me picking at the top of the nail of my index fingers with my thumbs, and sometimes I do it if I want to appear disinterested, lol. But yeah, biting your nails? Dirty, disgusting people.
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