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So in previous games we've seen farms in general, ranging from Miltank farms, to Mareep farms (actually that might be all given I don't recall anything else BUT STILL).

Given that cows, and sheep are farm animals, if there was a farm in these games what would you like it to deal with? Growing certain fruits or something, or another type of farm animal such as a pig farm (if they introduce a pig Pokemon)? What sort of bearing would you like it to have on the game - would you like it to introduce a useful item such as Moo-Moo Milk from Johto, or being the place where a Pokemon was stolen and you first dealt with Team Plasma in Unova? Or perhaps somewhere you can stay when certain things are going on? Based on how differing in variety farms could be, what would you like to see covered if there are farms? Maybe grape farming considering it's based on France and have a special machine you can step in for money? What else could be interesting? Share your thoughts!
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