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Lucas flinched as the Brine blasted Tepig, but the Pig was okay and kept charging. With all it’s might it struck Oshawott taking it down. ‘I...I won?!’ Lucas shouted. Prof. Juniper tapped his shoulder and pointed out the Tepig had the swirly eyes stumbling towards Oshawott and fell beside it. ‘I....I lost?’ Lucas said to Juniper. ‘Well, you did lose Lucas, but the outcome is a draw.‘ ‘I don’t understand?’ ‘Well, the Brine had enough force to K.O Tepig through it’s metal coating. But the little rascals legs kept going!’ The professor stood tall and handed the 4 trainers all a Revive Crystal and a Sitrus Berry. ‘You all fought exceptionally well for your first battle! Well done boys! Now...’ -Insert boring Pokemon lecture here.-
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Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig
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