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Quote originally posted by Hiroshi Sotomura:

Worth noting - none of us have seen 3D versions of those graphics.
But what about 3D? All it does is add depth, and if anything you NEED good visuals for the 3D to be anything significant. Games that have the best 3D (MGS3, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land) are already gorgeous games graphically and that's why they were so great on 3D. Also, 3D has drawbacks, mainly no anti-aliasing and lower framerate, and the game right now already is jagged and has pretty bad framerate.

3D didn't save NSMB2's visuals, in fact it made it worse. I've no doubt that they would up everything come release, but I'm setting my expectations fairly low.
Quote originally posted by shivamwazhere:
Guys stop complaining about the graphics, they'll get better, and if you dont beleive me just look at castelia city before and after the game came out
All they did was add details. Frankly, it still looks ugly.
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