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Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
Ah that's nice to hear. Also, try to make sure you get your planning and priorities straight. You should look up on things as scrum or MoSCoW. Don't be over-ambitious. You should work first on more important things like the engine, or the new battle-system. The sprites you showed can't be more important than those things.

If you admit it is that much work, don't you agree with me that this isn't the right path to take?
When you see the update, you'll see what's different from this to the other game. The battle system remains, however, it will not be 3D sadly. :'( I had to kinda screw that idea 'cause it could take a darn long time otherwise.

Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
Thats cool, good luck!
but all im saying is if you limit the number of pokemon the player could get, it makes it easier to go about making sprites.
Yeah, I will, don't worry. Some are practically impossible to get. However, there is a way to get them.

Also, guys, this will even be getting a name change. New Name: Pokemon Lunar. Please, if there is already a game that has this name, or you think it's a copy, it's not a copy at all. Sorry, but I'm no copier. You just want to keep an idea for yourself. As Mufasa would say, "MUFASA!" (That's actually a Pokemon in the game. It's awesome).
Pokemon Y > Pokemon X

Don't agree? Sorry for spoiling your day.

Coming soon... a new game... after I've finished Pokemon Steel of course.