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Originally Posted by zap cannon View Post
i have just started hacking fire red. i read a tutorial from this forum and i did exactly as it told me to. i wrote a basic talking script. when i talked to the person, the game freezes(probably locks then does nothing else and i get stuck). i do not know what i am doing wrong.
#dynamic 0x456734
#org @start
msgbox @talk 0x6

#org @talk
= Hello!

any ideas? i searched this problem for awhile and i couldn't find it.
Your script looks fine, though it won't work in XSE 1.0.0, make sure you have 1.1.1. I learned that the hard way. Okay, so your script is attached to an NPC and when you talk to him, the game freezes... Hmmm... Try opening up the compiled script in XSE (just double click on the NPC in amap) and make sure that the only changes are the replacement of @titles with actual offsets. 0x6 may also be replaced with MSG_NORMAL.

Just a minor house keeping thing, it is best to only write dynamic labels higher than 0x500000, preferably in the 600000's and up. This way there is almost no chance of writing in between codes that were originally put their by GAME FREAK.

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