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SU Homeroom teacher:

Name: Ryuu Higoroshi

Nickname: Higoroshi-Sensei

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Specie: Unknown



Ryuu finished his study two years ago and became a likable teacher. Students really liked him since he really seemed to understand them, which isn't weird since Higoroshi-sensei is still very young. Ryuu joined Youkai Academy this year to teach the class 3C and even became their homeroom teacher. Before Youkai Academy he was teacher on a high school in the human world, but find it very boring there. Ryuu likes to interfere into fights of students, ofcourse he won't fight along, he'll just pull them away from each other. It's unknown which Youkai specie Ryuu is, this is simply because he never shows his powers nor does he show his form. Also, Ryuu used to be a student from Youkai Academy, so the headmaster knows him pretty well. Ryuu won't tell about his time on Youkai Academy though, it remains a secret just like his past. Maybe he'll show more of himself later when he thinks his students are trust worthy.

History: unknown

Weakness: because his Youkai specie isn't revealed, his weaknesses are unknown as well (don't worry, he won't attend fights anyway)

Other: Ryuu has no girlfriend

Code: Melon Strawberry

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