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+1 for Carrie Underwood. I love her so much. She is just FLAWLESS.

Welcome to PC, GreatTornado! Hopefully you aren't an EF5! xD /weather reference. You got quite an interesting intro there. I'm slowly becoming a country fan myself, even though none of my friends irl listens to that. D: but who cares, right! xD

It's great to see you here, btw! I see you already have a Black 2 team up on your signature. Maybe you can get that rated if you like! What brought you here to PC? There's a lot to do here, especially discussing your interests, whether Pokemon related or not! We're a very diverse community. :)

So, whether you're a fan of the games, the anime, or the TCG, or if you're an artist/roleplayer/hacker, we have a place for that just for you. Hop on over and start posting some more!~

Anyways, nice to meet ya and see ya around! ^__^
he needed something soft & loud, sweet & proud
but tough enough to break a heart
something beautiful & breakable
that lights up the dark.
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