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Originally Posted by deku View Post
Here's update number three! Doing the challenge like this is very fun, and helps keep the challenge from becoming too monotonous. I would suggest any challenge goers to give it a try!
And that I shall I decided to start the Blue portion of my Water Monotype!

Water-type Challenge (Johto): Update 2.5 and (Kanto) Update 1

Crystal is going a bit far all that has happened is I cleared the Rocket Hideout (no thanks to Lance) and in doing so, Godzilla evolved! Then I saved...



In Blue, I chose Squirtle and named it (him?) Leonardo. Beat up Bobby the rival and made it to Pewter City were I proceeded to destroy Brock and his silly Geodude and Onix. Cleared Route 3 and 4 and made a deal with The Magikarp Salesman. Named that Krazy Karp Doomkraken. Oh, and Leo evolved! Did a bit of training in Mt. Moon and then saved.



Unfortunately, I forgot the screenshot Brock's defeat and since I'm SO incredibly perfectionist and I don't want to start over, I have decided to instead take screens of the team's status. It's better than no screenshots.

Team Downpour:

Leonardo the Wartortle
Level 18
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Bubble
- Water Gun

Doomkraken the Magikarp
Level 7

If anyone cares about the story that I made up for my UMC's, check this spoiler

The Story: 17 special people ended up being chosen to be Type Masters! (don't freaking know why) They are sent to 5 regions (via something along the lines of the Animus for Assassin's Creed, like Animi Avatars) to train and conquer the specific regions with their selected type.
(Brooke: The Chosen Water-type Master) She started with Johto, which is irregular for Type Masters to do, usually starting in Kanto. Ever since finding out about Suicune, she has wanted to capture it, but cannot use it. (A little rule I made for myself: You may capture minor legendaries if they correspond to the type, but DO NOT USE.)

Up Next:
- Taking on Misty! (B)
- Training (C)

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