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Quote originally posted by Pink Mommy:
Well, hello there! Sorry for not replying earlier, I was kind of busy.

Sure, I'll check what I can do. The Natures are no problem for me, I'd just have to check on the egg moves to see if it won't take me too long.


Ok, I've checked.
Sure, those are easy to get.

I'll give you both the Natures and Eggmoves, it won't be a problem at all.

Just a question, is this for Gen IV or V? If it's for IV, I can give you the eggs so that they may have your trainer ID (Nature is easy to know because I have Diamond), if it's for Gen V, I'd have to give you the hatched pokemon, level 1.
This is for Gen V. There's not a problem with hatched at lvl 1 for me (:

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