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Originally Posted by Miss Anne Thrope View Post
Ferrothorn looks good, standard moveset.

Mienshao looks good as well. My concern is that both Hi Jump Kick and Stone Edge have low accuracy. I might suggest Aerial Ace over Fake out, since it always lands a hit.

Jellicent is perfect.

Cobalion. I just don't know where you are going with it. If you want it to have Stealth Rock, that's fine. But I'd suggest it's other moves should be Swords Dance, Stone Edge and Close Combat. I guess Sacred Sword is alright over Close Combat, but if you want to keep it I'd say go for a Life Orb.

Tornadus needs Hammer Arm trashed. Replace it with Superpower.

Hydreigon is good.

Why do you want Cobalion to have Volt Switch?
Also, I'd like to point out you have a pretty big Fighting weakness. I'm sure you can face it with Tornadus, but yeah. Just wanted to tell you.
Im playing black 1, cant teach tornadus superpower. Me wanting volt switch on cobalion was me wanting three pokemon to be able to switch in on each other. But, im thinking of getting a gallade in place of cobalion, though ill have to go to quick trade in hopes of getting one. Mienshao can heal off hjk recoil with regenerator+u-turn, so the accuracy loss in hjk is manageable.

Done by a friend of mine on another forum

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