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Quote originally posted by Birthday Thunder:
Yeah, I'm not sure what to offer. Most of my good stuff is in my black 2 version. Only problem is that I'm currently in the middle of SRing for a shiny cresselia in that game, so I'm only able to trade with my original black version. I still have some shinies on there and a non shiny modest shaymin if I'm correct. I don't want to insult you though.

Can I get more details on the Shaymin? :D

Quote originally posted by MidnightDarkrai:
I don't have much to offer for the shiny charmander. I have DW torkoal with stealth rocks, DW ariados, DW skunky, DW vulpix, ferroseed with leech seed with 30 ivs, some legends

I'm interested in DW Skunk. :o