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Heeeya GreatTornado, welcome to PC! <33

You've went on quite the posting spree, glad to see that. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay in Art & Design - there's plenty of member artwork to look at, including fakemon and the like. The Pixel Art section especially is a pretty popular place for our awesome members to post sprites of their fakemon, fake trainers, and fanmade game sprites in general. It's really made me want to sprite lately so I might just give MS Paint another go soon! You can give the section moderators (Derozio and Logiedan) a holler anytime if you're confused about anything, so keep that in mind as well. :3

But aahhh share your consoles with me! You have so many and I really wish I had some of those myself, haha. I only got a 3DS XL a little under a month ago so that's been really, really exciting. Agreed with you on Animal Crossing: New Leaf though.. it's been so long since I last touched an Animal Crossing game that getting back into it would be pretty awesome. Plus, doesn't it look super adorable? Ugh, all this waiting will be so difficult, especially for the amazing-looking X and Y. Since you're such a big fan of games, stopping by the Video Games section will probably be worthwhile too (assuming you haven't yet)!

So yeah, enjoy your stay here and see you around~ :D

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