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Go Pokemon Master Red! You're my favorite manga character. <3; Welcome to PC!~

So besides being a legendary trainer roaming the Pokemon world... what else do you like? Surely beneath that powerful demeanor is a really friendly person who likes a lot of things! Maybe video games? Roleplaying? ROM hacks? And I'm assuming you like the manga too, in which case Pokemon General would be a great place for you since that's where all Pokemon manga talk would fit. So make sure to check out the link Wind Heart posted for you if you haven't already! =D And by the way, Pikachu is awesome. You get a cookie for always having him on your team.

I'm also glad you've been posting around a little bit; seems you're making an effort to get to know people here, which is really great. :3 I always encourage new members not to be shy on PokeCommunity even if the forum might seem big and intimidating, so keep it up! Red's never been that shy though, so I guess it makes sense haha. Hope you end up becoming active and we run into each other down the line! It's a small world, after all. Contact me (or Cid) anytime if you need help, we'd love to help you out~

Have fun, Red! Hope you learn many new things on your journey here! n~n

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