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Don't run two Fortune Lady Winds, one is plenty. Chances it's going to be kind of a dead draw or you're going to have something else you want to run. Either take it out so you have 40 cards or throw in a card to better support your deck. I'm going to have to agree with Cirrus in that I'm not seeing a great amount of synergy here.

Half your deck seems to support Fortune Lady Light only you don't have room for cards to search for Fortune Lady Light. Strength also seems like a slow card for this deck especially with Future Visions.

Either play more support for Junon so you can use it consistently or throw in Time Passages for Fortune Lady Dark to counterattack during your opponent's damage step that way you can bring out Fire to take down a second beat stick for major damage, Water to increase hand size or another Dark to swarm the field.

I'm not that well versed with the Spellbook cards but I do know quite a lot about the Fortune Lady cards and I know that Wind isn't going to be doing much other than forming rank 3 or 4 xyz monsters. It's probably going to be a rank 3 monster with a Fortune Lady Fire that has overstayed its welcome.

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