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Hailey, Arcea, Tim, Aiden & Anonymous Gabite Wielder #1 - Eterna City Ruins ~ Outskirts

As Hailey, Arcea, Tim and company made their way along Hailey attempted to separate Arcea from her prize to no avail. The one time she reached out to physically try to do something about it Arcea had promptly pulled away greedily, as if ready to fight over the possession of the boy-toy slung over her shoulder. All she needed was a club and a leopard skin outfit. Hailey scowled, but decidedly gave up the effort to calm her disgust over the other's affection. It sure sucked to be Aiden, but she didn't really mind. She was pretty sure she had to kill him sooner or later anyway.

All of a sudden something seemed to occur to Arcea, and she stopped. "Hey." She spoke up, turning to Hailey and the others. This seemed to grab Hailey's attention. She met Arcea's eyes silently and expectantly. "There's something I need to do," the eelektross spirit wielder claimed, looking around almost anxiously. Hailey furrowed her brows, not quite sure what was so important. What could you possibly need to be alone for—... "Yeah, whatever..." Hailey responded in a somewhat dismissive manner, not overly thrilled about this. Sure sucked to be Aiden right about now. Hope you're ready to be a Daddy, mister.

At that Arcea emitted a very light sigh of relief, turning and beginning to move away from the group. She stopped a moment to make sure she still had her prized man with her — don't think you're getting out of that one so easily — before moving off on her own in search of someone important to her.

...An indefinite portion of time later she entered the door of Olga's little setup, a tragically familiar piece of jerky in her mouth. Hey, hey Olga! I found this stuff and it tastes amazing! What kind of life hacks did you use to create this?? ...Awful implications aside, she had her cuddle-slave draped over one shoulder like a possession and a slightly distant look in her eyes. A supernatural sense of attraction directed at any given female in the immediate area was present — all Aiden's fault, clearly — and Olga was no exception. She'd have to deal with the supernatural on her own, however she chose to do that. Perhaps the man-eating eel spirit wielder nearby having her greedy arm around the source of the attraction would dissuade any direct action. Or not. Whatever.

Emily & Lucy - Near Eterna City Ruins

Lucy blinked. "Unova"? What was /Unova/? She had never heard of this /Unova/! And she didn't need no stinkin' Unova either! She just sort of took the knowledge with a grain of salt. "...There's—There's a city, or there /was/ a city right over there," she said, gesturing to what remained of Eterna in the distance. This girl seemed pretty nice, even if she /had/ made Lucy intimately familiar with her stomach. Somehow, she found herself assuming that Emily wished to follow her. It must've had something to do with /all the other people who liked to follow her/. ...Perhaps others got a really nice view back there? Optimistic thoughts aside, Lucy found herself wanting to invite the girl along.

Before she could really go anywhere with that, however, a familiar boy came at her in a startlingly energetic manner. And then she ate him. Lucy was mildly startled, but she recognized the voice and the visage of none other than Mako and decidedly did not react with cannibalism. Instead, she allowed herself to be picked up and twirled around by him with a visually apparent blush on her face as he proceeded to sway her back and forth in his arms in a slightly energetic manner. M-Mako, really..? Teenage hormones and an awkward blush from Lucy aside, the two of them would soon find themselves being blown over as the smallest of the bunch launched herself at them.

Lucy and Mako toppled with a loud thud and a brief yelp from Lucy. The end result was Lucy sitting on top of Mako, possibly with Amethyst. She had an amused, somewhat baffled look on her face and just sort of emitted the brief startings of a giggle. She then proceeded to actually laugh after a moment, though it was only for a couple of moments. "I—uh... missed you too, Mako~" she said in a tone that seemed to hold some form of affection. "Guess I found out how you felt /back then/~" she continued, reminiscing about that brief period of time she had carried Mako in her stomach—Or had it been Creed? ...Still using the no doubt flattered Mako as a cushion her smile faded and she looked up at Emily, one arm around Amethyst in a passive hug.

There was something rather persistent on her mind.

"...A lot of people died," she started, pointing with her free hand towards the ruins of Eterna City. "I can smell death from all the way over here," she then continued, wrinkling her nose slightly. ...Literally, had she meant? It was likely true that the open graves of what must've been a lot of people probably had quite the intense scent to them, especially for those with good senses of smell. "Someone did this on purpose — they wanted this, and they could want more." she explained, narrowing her eyes in thought. Such destruction. "...My guess is that their next target might be Jubilife," she finished in a grim tone. Yes, Hailey. Your plan was that obvious. It was in fact a guess, but she had her reasons. She then looked riiiight at Emily. "So... where does that put /us/?" she asked, wincing as her cheek became momentarily distorted. Ew. Glitches.

Emily, of course, didn't notice Lucy's new "feature". This was all the norm for Emily. Her leg was distorted much the same way, at least at the moment. Earlier it was her arm. Lucy just needed to get used to it. It probably wouldn't last on Lucy, though, would it? "I'll go with you to Jubilife if you want me to." Hardly any wielders found reason to trust her, and more found reasons to keep an eye on her... at least when she didn't teleport. Tracking her after that was like finding a needle in a haystack... if the haystack encompassed the entire planet — water included — and apparently, the innards of all its inhabitants.

Lucy raised a brow, glancing back down at Mako for a moment. She was still sitting on him. A very brief smile crossed her expression, but quickly faded. She wasn't done. She turned her attention back to Emily. "That's great, but..." she started thoughtfully. She felt as if something had changed in her. "I feel /different/ — after escaping your stomach I mean..." she said, only the very slightest hint of shyness coming into her voice at the end. Even she had some level of pride. She looked down a her free hand briefly as if to study it. "...So what are we—To each other?" she asked, somewhat skeptical. Were they... allies? Friends? ... A wave of distortion traveled from her face to the tip of her respective fingers and she shuddered briefly, seeming to feel it. Was it temporary? Really? /Was/ it?

The girl not involved in Lucy's dogpile had to think about the question asked of her. Emily didn't really understand what Lucy meant. "What are we to each other?" She couldn't really give an answer to that, because she didn't know what it was. Emily just saw the potential to have new friends — she hasn't had real friends in a long time now. Although...

"What do you think I am?" she answered. This question took Lucy off-guard, and for the moment being she went silent as she tried to think about how she wished to answer.
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