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Just so I can understand this correctly, this is about Pokemon actually having the willingness to commit evil things, right? Naturally evil Pokemon? If so, then this definitely does sound like an interesting concept to make! Though it's something that I doubt that would be implemented in the games, because I feel that there would have to be some sort of profound storyline on exactly how the Pokemon got "evil" and what can be done to stop this evil Pokemon, and perhaps figure out a way to tun it into good again or something. That's how I see it anyway. x_x A lot of plot depth, indeed, if that makes sense~!

If these Pokemon have creatures that are similar to Shadow Pokemon, then I suppose I could see that happening to some sort of extent, but then there's the problem of possibly finding a solution to turning these Pokemon "normal" again, so to speak, the same nature in which you would have to purify Shadow Pokemon~
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