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Okay, so I spent the day playing HeartGold and leveling up a Heracross from Level 4 to Level 18. Once again, quick summary of my team is in my signature.

-VS Rival Pepsi
--VS Gastly: Confusion w/ Row
--VS Zubat: Confusion w/ Row
--VS Bayleef: Poison Sting + Leech Life(x12) w/ Timelord
-Caught Farfetch'd
-Taught TOTODILE Headbutt
-Used TOTODILE to get a Heracross
-Named Heracross; Ceefore, since it's horn reminded me of the rare butterfly C4 Snake sometimes creates in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-Grinded Ceefore to Level 8
-Taught it Rock Tomb through TM
-Traveled through Ilex Forest
-Explored Goldenrod City
-Got the Radio Station thing
-VS Leader Whitney
--VS Clefairy: Headbutt(x3) w/ Ceefore
--VS Miltank: PoisonPowder w/ Row --> Poison Sting w/ Timelord --> Headbutt(x10) w/ Ceefore
-Obtained the Plain Badge


Relaxed Nature @Pecha Berry
-Sleep Powder

Timelord [SPINARAK] Lv19 (M)
Calm Nature @None
-Poison Sting
-Leech Life
-Night Shade
-Shadow Sneak

Ceefore [HERACROSS] Lv18 (F)
Jolly Nature @None
-Rock Tomb
-Aerial Ace

I gotta say, Heracross was stronger than my Level 19 Spinarak when it was Level 10. I think both Timelord suck (atleast until it becomes Ariados) and that Heracross is really strong.

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