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Note - I am looking for another person to help me GM this RP, since it was suggested to me that sandbox RP's need more GM-ing than plotted ones. If interested please let me know.


At times, having siblings can suck. If you're older, you have to set the right example for the younger ones. If you're younger, you have to try to be just like the older ones. If you're in the middle, you get both of the above, plus often being ignored. So, being in one of those ludicrously large families, the kind that get their own reality shows from sheer size, must be hell. And sometimes it can literally be hell.
After all, demons, as servants of Satan, have not only the task of making the world a worse place for humans, but also making more demons. Lots more demons. It's not uncommon for an incubus or succubus to have twenty kids or more, which leads to interesting family dynamics, especially for you. You're one out of twenty-five demon kids, living in the second circle of hell with your succubus mother. Have fun.
It is a sandbox RP, but you choose from a list of premade characters. A few vague traits are listed, but you can expand on those traits in any way you wish.

Rules and Notes

-Choose one to three characters. To sign up, just post which character you have chosen, and a short blurb, written in full sentences, elaborating on their personality traits in the direction you have chosen to go with them. (See the ones I put under "My Characters.")
-This roleplay operates in a universe similar to American Gods by Neil Gaiman, where every god from every religion exists, and the more believers each god has, the more power they have.
-However, the layout and locations in hell is based on Dante's Divine Comedy, with circles of hell each connected to a specific sin. Your character lives in the second circle, for those who have committed the sin of lust. This circle is characterized by heavy winds that blow people clean off their feet and into sharp rocks. However...
-Demons aren't affected by the punishments of hell like human souls are; a human soul can be burning in agony in the same flame a demon is happily using to roast marshmallows. As such, the wind doesn't affect you.
-Demons can visit and teleport around earth, and take a human-like form, but even in human form they will have horns and a tail. The tail is prehensile and can grab stuff.
-Incubi and succubi are demons that have relations with sleeping humans. Incubi are male, succubi are female. This is why the RP is rated M, but still, all "feeding" has to take place off-screen.
-Cambions are the offspring of a demon and a human. They have less power than a demon, but still have some power. They don't HAVE to be evil, and every so often a cambion will manifest random powers that are MORE powerful than its own parents. They do not have horns and tail and can fit perfectly in the human world. (Merlin was a cambion, for example.)
-Kobolds are mischievous shapeshifters that usually take the form of little elves.
-Nagas are snake demons found primarily in Eastern culture more than Western.
-Kappas are turtley-ducky demons. They take the souls of drowning people, particularly children, but can be distracted by a nice juicy cucumber. They're kind of morally neutral.
-This is basically a day-to-day life sandbox RP where you explore the daily life of a mythical creature rather than a typical human.
-Feel free to add any extra characters and NPCs you want including other demons, human victims for them to torment or even befriend, angels, et cetera. However, these characters can be bunnied by everyone unless you specify they can't be. Feel free to create your character's father!
-As far as appearances go, all the demons in the family are blonde, blue eyed, and baby-faced so they tend to be mistaken as younger than they are by those who don't know them.
-Final note: I'm an early childhood major and it bothers the living hell out of me when people attempt to roleplay young children and have dem tawk wike dis. Real children honestly don't talk like that, unless they're two or three. At three they're growing out of it. By four they sound mostly like an adult, just with less vocabulary and occasional grammar errors like "I goed to school." You don't need to have a degree in children, just DON'T MAKE DEM TAWK WIKE DIS. Or I will rage.

Spots Taken
Katherina Franziska - taken by VMC
Jade Starlight -
Karma Sage -
Omega Silver -
Rainbow Skye -
Sequoia Belle -
Sunflower Shine -
Diamond Moonbeam - taken by VMC
Ember Butterfly -
Sapphire Blue -
Lily Flower -
Season Blessing -
Amity Sparkle -
Rose Blossom -
Ocean Waters -
Violet Echo -
Topaz Orion -
Cosmic River -
Daisy Petal -
Melody Jewel -
Harmony Crystal -
Jasper Sunshine -
Marigold Morning -
Onyx Luster -
Cascade Harvest -
Oleander Jynx -

Available Characters

Jade Starlight (Jade) - male, age 33, full-blooded demon, evil, athletic, vain
Karma Sage (Karma) - male, age 31, full-blooded demon, evil, creative, snobby
Omega Silver (Omega) - male, age 30, full-blooded demon, evil, stylish, brooding
Rainbow Skye (Rainy) - female, age 29, cambion, perky, mischievous, hippie
Sequoia Belle (Quoia) - female, age 28, cambion, punky, geeky, loyal
Sunflower Shine (Sunny) - female, age 26, full-blooded demon, evil, girly, ditzy
Ember Butterfly (Ember) - female, age 23, kobold hybrid, loud, geeky, annoying
Sapphire Blue (Saph) - male, age 22, full-blooded demon, evil, controlling, loud
Lily Flower (Lily) - female, age 21, full-blooded demon, evil, girly, needy
Season Blessing (Season) - male, age 20, cambion, quiet, nerdy, independent
Amity Sparkle (Amity) - female, age 18, cambion, caring, creative, sweet
Rose Blossom (Rosie) - female, age 17, naga hybrid, spiritual, artistic, free
Ocean Waters (Ocean) - male, age 16, kappa hybrid, athletic, friendly, lax
Violet Echo (Vi) - female, age 15, full-blooded demon, evil, girly, athletic
Topaz Orion (Topaz) - male, age 14, full-blooded demon, evil, quiet, playful
Cosmic River (River) - male, age 12, full-blooded demon, loud, obnoxious, evil
Daisy Petal (Daisy) - female, age 11, naga hybrid, ditzy, sweet, innocent
Melody Jewel (Melody) - female, age 10, cambion, girly, argumentative, Harmony's twin
Harmony Crystal (Harmony) - female, age 10, cambion, tomboy, argumentative, Melody's twin
Jasper Sunshine (Jasp) - male, age 8, cambion, quiet, reserved, smart
Marigold Morning (Mari) - female, age 6, full-blooded demon, mean, girly, active
Onyx Luster (Onyx) - male, age 4, full-blooded demon, mean, loud, active
Cascade Harvest (Cassie) - male, age 2, cambion, quiet, calm, thoughtful
Oleander Jynx (Olie) - female, age a few months, cambion, loud, demanding

My Characters

-Katherina Franziska, Kaethe for short. She is 55 years old, and the mother of all these children. She is a succubus. She has even more children than the average demon, because she loves babies and small kids. However, older children aren't as "cute" to her, and she is not the greatest mother, so at that point she'll have another one and pay much less attention to the older ones. Right now she's crazy about doting on Mari, Onyx, Cassie and Olie. Menopause finally hit her, coming late for demons, and she is upset that she can't pop out even more babies now. She loves to give her kids bizarre hippie names. Her first language is German, and her English is pretty broken. She's promiscuous, and most of her children have different fathers, some she has no idea who. Lastly, she loves cake and ice cream, and has the bizarre ability to always remain thin no matter how much she eats, which is a creepy lot, like a whole cake and whole gallon tub ice cream per day.

-Diamond Moonbeam, Di for short. He is 25 years old, and the black sheep of the family. He is half incubus, and half baku, which is a benevolent creature from Shinto mythology that eats nightmares. In essence, a baku is pretty much the polar opposite of the lecherous and nightmare-causing incubus, and so the two sides of himself basically cancel out, hence him being the black sheep. He's bullied a lot by other demons, even those within his own family. But, Rainy and Quoia get along with him well, being less evil than the others and close in age to him. Personality-wise, he's kind, lazy, and flirty. He's extremely vain, but that's because he doesn't have much faith in himself otherwise. So he has low self esteem but mess up his hair and you will pay. He loves reptiles and cheesy B horror movies, and quotes Evil Dead too much. Groovy!

-Daisuke Yamada. He is 52 years old, and he is Di's father. As such, he's a full-blooded baku. He's kind and caring and loves kids. He'll do whatever it takes to keep nightmares away from children he doesn't even know. After all, with all the daily stresses of life, sleep should be a time of peace. He often takes the form of a Malayan tapir, but in his humanoid form, he looks like a tall, skinny Japanese guy with long hair and glasses. He's Kaethe's on again, off again boyfriend, which causes lots of problems for her since he is so hated by demons that they wonder why she lets herself be near him. But who knows? Maybe she's just using him for his kindness, or maybe she does love him? He's so smitten with her that he doesn't care. He also recognizes her tendency to not pay attention to her children, and thus is there to help make up for that.

As you sign up, please answer the following question to make sure you read the rules and such: what is the best way to keep a kappa from eating your child's soul? Answer is above and if you don't know that means you haven't read all the things you should.
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