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DD's Sprite Shop~!

Hello! I had a sprite shop before in another forum and I want to start one here.

I mostly have done recolors but can do fusion if given enough time.

Examples of recolors/patterned:


Example of fusion:


Examples of Trainer Sprites:


Sprites I did for members of this forum:


All requests must be asked through this thread first. I will sent a PM when I finish making your request. Keep in mind, I work a full-time job so I can't guarantee a speedy reply.

UPDATE: I'm officially taking request for personalized trainer sprites~! (See my avatar?!)

UPDATE: Keep in mind that fakemon (the kind I have to make from scratch) is not my strong suit. Please don't expect works of art in that category.

UPDATE: Please don't describe your request as if this was a fanfiction. Doesn't translate very well into sprite work.

Currently working on (As of Sept 2nd 2013):

charizard is best

Gigal1 (waiting for a reply)

Like the sprites you see here?
Want a custom one of your very own?

Come on down to DD's Sprite Shop~!