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@Puppeteer: I didn't know you intended to unlock the previous forms and the means to transition between them, but yes that summary is to the point. That and the fact that I went half-way with King when it came to the digimon's capabilities. Once Biomerge is unlocked the digimon are able to grow in strength while in previous forms equal to their maximum potential at the Ultimate stage. However, since the digimon need the tamers to biomerge, they cannot be stronger than that without the tamer.

-shades- deal with it.

And yeah PvP is often difficult in RPs because no system is going to be perfect. Since most of our digimon's corrupted personalities include becoming rage-monsters, though, to be ignorant of the probability is silly. Also, the point of this RP isn't to be competitive against each other. The characters can flaunt and tease each other over accomplishments and shortcomings (respectively), but there's no point in making them continuously bash each other over the head to decide which duo is the strongest. In all honesty what I hated most about the Digimon series was how they had only one or two people as the strongest when the whole plot was supposed to be about team work (and even then they played up the strength of some characters only to knock them back down a peg --cough cough-- TK and Kari --cough cough--).
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